The Lab Litter Chronicles

The Dog Breeding Experience

The Lab Litter Chronicles
Other Island Fellah came to pick up Zuko today. And Lani's owners came to pick her up.

Other Island Fellah was really sweet as he tried to watch Zuko and learn about him. He commented that Zuko looks (suggested word...) Regal. And I agree. He has a leader quality about him; a confidence. His flight wasn't till later in the day so I dropped him off at a coffee shop with an outside table so he could get to know his new puppy in a comfortable place. His girlfriend kept checking in and was extremely jealous she couldn't make the trip. Other Island Fellah said he took some time off work to help Zuko get adjusted. That is just about the nicest thing I've ever heard. He's going to a good home.

People asked me if I would miss my pups, but I really don't. As long as they are being sent to good homes, and I am confident they are going to be taken care of, I am extremely happy to see them leave. You think 1 puppy is tough? Try 7! Plus two adult dogs! GAH.

For more space to view them, I brought all the pups to the porch to meet Zuko's new owner. They had apparently not gotten out all their poo/pee because they let it go like crazy for the first 10 minutes until finally ceasing, finally giving me and Roommate a break to sit and talk. It was a brand new location so I suppose they felt they needed to leave their mark. I used this display to give a bit of advice in regards to potty training. I couldn't help myself.

Other Island Fella even offered me a tip for helping him out with a ride and taking care of Zuko. I was shocked, but decided any thing helps with these little guys. They can cost a lot when being taken care of as well as I have taken care of them.

Leeloo seemed eager to send off Zuko so I let her out to say goodbye. I wondered how this would go. She simply smelled him in his new container, licked him, then looked up at his new owner and licked him in the face and pushed her body into him, then walked away. If that's not a blessing of approval, I don't know what is.

Lani's owners rescheduled and came later today to pick up their little one. They gave me their code to get onto their property on the opposite side of the island and the address to their local home so I could come see Lani any time! How awesome is that!? They also gave me a cash tip. This whole tip idea is new to me. I can't believe it. But I am grateful, so grateful, they appreciate my hard work in such this way. Leeloo sent Lani off in a similar manner, and off they went.

Here are the pics of them in their new homes...

Zuko stretching out on the cold hard surfaces:


Lani video with her new friend:

Makamaka and Lani from jp_lolo on Vimeo.

The Lab Litter Chronicles
Random Note: Lani has a curly tail.

We had another Puppies in the Park Day. More people were allowed to come this time. And as long as dogs had their shots, additional pups were allowed to come too. Turns out an Exercise Friend of mine just got two new Pomeranians that she needed to socialize. I also brought Darko and Leeloo to attempt a family photo before Zuko leaves tomorrow. Work friend took pictures and shared them on Facebook giving me a whole new pool of interested Puppy Purchasers. Not really what I intended, but how can you not attract attention with all these beautiful animals running about?

I also introduced the puppies to pool water. At first they just wanted to get out. But after an hour or so they were curious enough to stay for a few minutes before hopping out.

Here you go! A load of awesome pictures.

IMG_3331 IMG_3359 IMG_3377 IMG_3386 IMG_3705 IMG_3712 IMG_3744 IMG_3751

The Lab Litter Chronicles
When Zuko is left to his own devices outside of the Whelping Box, he doesn't seem to do much wrong. So I have decided to start giving him more time alone away from his siblings. If this is what he prefers, and he has shown me responsible behavior, then I don't see any reason why I should keep him from it.

Mom called for advice for potty training her new toy Cocker Spaniel puppy. She's decided to breed and by reading my blog has decided to keep better records starting now. I suggested a smaller space to start him off with, to get rid of potty items in his crate, and to lock him in the crate for longer periods of time to help make bladder bigger.

Poop Talk
4 poops and 4 pees on paper.

The Lab Litter Chronicles
Zuko has begun to escape his Whelping Box every chance he gets. The first night he cried because he got stuck behind the box. I let him cry a while before taking him out. This only worked once. He now gets stuck on the side of the box and has learned how to climb over my fake wall from there. At one point I found him walking across the bar, one foot in front of the other, like a cat.

Poop Talk
I have decided to switch their regiment to more frequent blocks of time outside box. The reason behind this is I caught three puppies trying to escape and relentlessly failing. Immediately after admitting defeat, they went poo. This to me suggests they would prefer not to poo in their box and are trying to get out to go. This is a great habit to encorage, so I will begin to do so now.

I went to the store to shop for shipping paper for their Box but they were out! This is because there is lava flow and everyone is shipping their stuff out of the area! I love living on an island!!! (Exaggerated sarcasm!!!)

The Lab Litter Chronicles
The puppies got to visit the downstairs Pomeranian male today.


Pomeranian didn't like Yellow. Yellow offered play though, and he liked that.
Red overwhelmingly sniffed him which made him nervous.

Puppies in the Park Day
I brought the puppies to the park today and invited people who have helped me take care of my dogs in the past. It was a slightly hidden place that bystanders wouldn't easily find. They played for a full hour without getting tired. One would end up exploring a max of 10 feet away. But when two of them tromped together, they made it a full 20 feet before coming back to the group. All of them went away from the group to poo or pee!

The moment I opened the kennel they all ran to the front of the gate and just sniffed and stared at the grass. Each waited for the other to make the first move. Two ended up eating the grass.

Blue kept going back to the Kennel to sleep, which I found hilarious. He cried when Dog Lover Friend tried to kiss him. I will have to kiss him more often to make sure he grows out of this.

Red fell in love with Waffles, Puppy Sitter's dog. He stared into her eyes longingly and even tried to hump her!

Orange tried to play with the adults dogs.

Lani was gentile with the child in our group. Right after playing rough with the other dogs, she reached up to lick the girl softly on the cheek.

Yellow is still sweet to me, as always, and a punk to everyone else.


The Lab Litter Chronicles
I got back into town today. The dogs and puppies looked extremely calm and happy. I'm guessing the Dog Sitter got the worst of it, as usual. She also did an amazing job with them and I am overwhelmingly happy.

She decided to come check on them in the afternoon not realizing we were already home, so we hung out for a little while. She seemed surprised as to how nice it was to hang out and just hold them or play with them instead of working for them. I agree. Puppies are great to play with, and then send home... just like children. The idea of them is fine. The actuality of them is another thing all together.

Blue's meds are working. He has stopped sneezing and is getting bigger and stronger every day. He also seems to be dominating some of the other puppies. This is new for him. I wonder how long he will be able to keep it up before the other puppies revolt.

Here's a picture of the pups checking out their mum on the other side of the baby gate. They still try to get milk out of her so I can't let Leeloo visit for too long and with too many at once.

2014-09-04 15.37.072014-09-04 15.43.47

The Lab Litter Chronicles - Week 7
Puppy Sitter was up for 3 hours tonight cleaning up dog diarreah. Man, my sitters get the worst of it, every time! She is demanding heavy beer payment for her troubles. Her husband disowned any responsibility for her agreeing to help me out.

I ended up getting her a 12 pack of IPA, a special brand of IPA that I really like called Hitachino Nest Beer, and two movie tickets. I hope that was enough to ease her mind. She was a huge help.

Here is a video of what my puppies and friend suffered for upon my departure:

Pailolo 2014 from jp_lolo on Vimeo.

The Lab Litter Chronicles
Puppy Observations with Darko (Sire)
Darko hates Orange.
He is just too overwhelming, I'm guessing. This is going to be a great pup for farm work or with active children and plenty of room to run!

Darko likes Red. Red approaches slowly and lays down at a safe distance giving Darko room.

Darko doesn't mind Blue. Blue doesn't bother with him and isn't curious about him. He is also much smaller than the others so he doesn't pose a threat.

Darko doesn't like Lani. I'm not sure why. But it might have to do with the fact that Lani is convinced she's in charge and should show she's in charge. But she's not in charge, she is just the muscle. Darko despises this. Darko despises this because he is not the muscle and constantly has to prove his authority to dogs like Lani. Dogs like Lani don't believe him when he says he's in charge.

Darko avoids Zuko. I assume this is because Zuko really is in charge, and doesn't have to prove it.

I let Orange out a little later in the day and was suprized to see her showing signs of Dog Etiquette with Darko. Darko, after seeing Orange's change in behavior towards him, didn't stop smiling. So funny.

Dog Etiquette:
  • Inferior dog looking down and away to show submission.
  • Offering back end for smelling
  • Laying partially or fully on back when superior dog approaches
  • Signaling they want to play by a gesture before actually playing physically
  • Backing off if the other dog doesn't agree to play or takes it too seriously
  • Approaching toys and food that don't belong to them slowly and asking permission to make sure it's ok that they take it.
  • Recognizing weaker dogs or children and approaching them more calmly and slowly.

I'm leaving today for a Long Distance Race from one island to another. I spent all morning dealing with puppy duties and only had 15 minutes to throw my things together before my flight. Gah!

The Lab Litter Chronicles
Quick Individual Update:

They all have consistent buddies now.

Red pairs with Yellow
Light Green with Orange
Lani picks on Blue
And Zuko is the floater

Light Green seems to like rolling the hockey ball around. He can fit it in his mouth now and prefers this as his toy of choice.

Zuko likes finding particulars; things that stick out and don't quite fit. He digs and picks at hinges, knobs, and anything that is out of place. This is a very Leeloo thing to do.

I discovered 3 white hairs on a callic of Yellows chest. Pure bred labs sometimes have markings on them, but this does not suggest they are not purebred. This does mean, however, that she might not meet good enough breed standards to reproduce. Since it's only 3 hairs, I wonder if it really is a marking, or just grey hairs similar to what Leeloo had on her back since she was a puppy. Since they are right on the cowlick however, I suspect this really is a unique marking and she should therefore not reproduce under this AKC line. I will wait a little longer to see if this marking stays in place.

Here is a picture of them crowding around an ice pack. It's hot here!

2014-09-01 10.47.29

The Lab Litter Chronicles
1st Shots, physical, 2 collars, Blue meds, and Microchips = $450
($300 discount for bringing in entire litter instead of individually)

I ended up cleaning out Leeloo's cage and putting them in their with a bathmat and an ice pack. They were perfectly fine with this arrangement.

2014-09-11 15.17.55

Vet's Report:::

Blue is the only one to have his balls already. Lol. He also has a slight overbite and gets some meds for his sneezing that don't need to be refrigerated. (My fridge is starting to fail)

Red and Blue didn't complain when getting there new chip put in. Man that needle was massive! I almost choked when I saw it. The puppies did not like it at all. When I got Darko and took him in to get his chip scanned as a puppy, his chip had some how migrated and couldn't be found. This sometimes happens when they get their chip too young. I had to pay $30 to have another put in. I suggest to any new owners to have their chips verified readable by your local Humane Society or vet. And beware, there are multiple types of chips. You'll want the International one. The reader for it is the most commonly available reader in the U.S..

Yellow weighs the heaviest.

Light Green has a large overbite.

A Side Note: My puppies are awesome.
The Vet and Nurse commented that this was one of the easiest puppy appointments they've ever had. Apparently most puppy visits involve lots of crying, whining, and pooping. Mine did none of these things.


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